Saudi Air Evacuation of Jeddah Flood Victims

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At least 4 dead, plus 3 missing. But it seems that the death toll of yesterday’s flood rains in Jeddah are a lot higher. My Saudi friend’s dad was stuck in his car for more than 12 hours, and he alone saw 2 floating bodies. Another friend, who’s a doctor saw 3 dead bodies come into her hospital.

This is very sad, no one should die from a simple rain fall. The authorities could’ve at least warned people that a storm was coming, made them stay home (school, shops, or where ever they were in), and had faster air assistance from neighboring cities  to help them out.

You can check the Saudi blog, New Vision, she has more than 15 updates on the flood rain disaster.

Pictures taken from Allvoices.

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3 Responses to Saudi Air Evacuation of Jeddah Flood Victims

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  3. 0new0vision0 says:

    Thane buz.
    The dead are much more,but I don’t have figures yet.

    It is sad buz marra saaaaaaaaaad

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