Elie Saab Stuns at the Oscars

Mila Kunis, of the Black Swan, wore a beautiful lavender chiffon Elie Saab dress.


Wolfgang Puck Oscars’ Menu

Wolfgang Puck is preparing the Oscars’ official after party, a special feast for around 300 people. Have a look at what he’ll be serving.

A Real Unity of Nations

I saw this video on his&hers q8. It was so beautiful, I felt very tempted to post here too.

It’s a short clip of Kuwaiti troops singing and clapping with the American troops, on the day of the Military Parade this Feb 26th. It’s such a beautiful video. You couldn’t get bonded like this if you paid a million and rehearsed the hell out of it.

Don’t get mislead by the video’s false title on youtube, so kindly just regard the title.

Details of Roads Closed, Parking, and Buses for Today’s Carnival Parade

Gulf Road from Haroun Al-Rasheed to 3rd Ring Road, will be closed from midnight.

Gulf Road between 3rd Ring Road and Soor St. (British Embassy) will be closed from 12 noon.

Also, all roads leading to Gulf Road from between the 3rd Ring Road to Soor St (British Embassy) will be closed all day Sunday (not sure from what time).

The public will watch the carnival on Gulf Road from the 3rd Rind Road intersection till the British Embassy’s intersection, making it a pedestrian and parade only road.

All parking on Gulf Road will be closed except for:

  • She3eb Park parking.
  • Green Island (for the elderly and handicapped only).
  • Enginerrs & Lawyers Societies parking and surrounding land.
  • Souq Sharq parking and sourounding land.

There will be public buses to transport people from co-ops and the Ice Skating rink to Gulf Road:

  • From She3eb, Hawalli, and De3eya Co-Ops to the 3rd Ring Road intersection on Gulf Road.
  • From Qadsiya, Mansouriya, and Dasma Co-Ops to the 2nd Ring Road intersction on Gulf Road.
  • From Sharq and bnaid Al-Gar Co-Ops And the Ice Skating Rink to Engineers\Lawyers scoieties’ intersection on Gulf Road.

The Carnival Parade is expected to be awesome, with more than 90 different participants.

Jet Fighters from Kuwait’s liberation war will be there, as well as the Coast Guard’s amazing hovercraft .

Don’t miss the fun.

Pictures of the Great Fireworks Show at Kuwait Towers

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You can watch videos of the fireworks, part one and part two.

Best Videos of Kuwait Towers Fireworks Show – Part 2

Part one of the videos is here. I’ve also posted the pictures, which you can view here.

Pictures of the Real Jet Fighters used in Kuwait’s Liberation

I was on my way to get me a chocolate sundae from McDonald’s Corniche, when I saw these military people working with some beautiful airplanes, just passed She3eb Palace. I had to stop and see them, and I’m so glad I did.

I got super lucky tonight. Turns out that there were two historical real-life jet fighters, that were used in the Liberation of Kuwait 20 years ago. These two planes were the first two to bomb Iraq in Jan 1991. The beige camouflage one is the Sky Hawk, while the white one is the Mirage.

I also got to see the missiles that go up on these jet fighters

There were army tanks, in addition to military radar equipment.

All of these military machines will be used in Sunday’s grand Parade on Gulf Road, Feb 27th.

Best Videos of Kuwait Towers Fireworks Show – Part 1

Part two of the videos is here. You can also look at the pictures, here.