NBK announces profits of KD 302 million



The right way to drink coke

How to tweet in Egypt with no internet by using land phones

Google scientists worked all weekend to find a way for the people of Egypt to tweet in Twitter without using the internet. They came up with a way that only requires land phones:

  • People in Egypt can call any of these three phone numbers: +16504194196 or +390662207294 or +97316199855.
  • They record  a voice message that will get automatically converted into a tweet that starts with #Egypt.

“Two and a Half Men” huge $250+ Million potential loss

Charlie Sheen has been through a terrible drinking\drug binge in the past few weeks. It has gotten so bad, that he decided to check him self into rehab. This will force his hit TV show, Two and a Half Men, to stop production till he comes back. The comedy sitcom is the most watched show on TV, and averages ad revenues of $3 million per episode.

The financial loss of putting the show on hold is estimated to be around $250 million in syndication losses, and million more in ad revenues. Now that’s a lot of money. All will be lost because of Sheen’s irresponsible behavior. Well, I hope he comes back soon, his show is on my regular-to-watch list.

My great experience with Sheeel.com

Early yesterday morning, maybe around 2 a.m., I read one of Qurtoba’s tweets. He mentioned that he just bought a new iPod Shuffle for just KD 10 from sheeel.com.

So I checked out their site, put in an order for 2 iShuffles, for a total of KD 21, including a delivery charge of KD 1. Ordering, putting in my info, K-Net payment, and entering my shipping details were all a breeze. The whole thing took less than 3 minutes, and I got an immediate email confirmation. And did I mention that I did all of this on my iPad? It’s that easy.

They said that they’re going to ship my order in 1 business day. And guess what? They did, I got my iShuffles this afternoon. My experience with them was more than perfect, with unbelievable prices.

So, about Sheeel.com. What this site does is put in one item a day, at very discounted prices. They place the items at midnight, and you have to check in soon, before the entire stock gets sold out quickLike today, they had an amazing 4-1 Konica laser printer, for just KD 25, but it got sold out around 1.30 a.m. So you have to be quick in checking out their site early.

Like I said, , my experience was perfect, and I would definitely buy more stuff from them in the future. Thank you sheeel.com.

Al-Jasmi’s new song: Shaikh Al-Sabah جديد حسين الجسمي: شيخ الصباح

يا بعد عمري يالجسمي…. والله انك ماقصرت

Taken from ilSul6ana.

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A really bad move from Benihana Kuwait, suing 248am

2 days ago, Mark of the blog 248am got officially sued by Benihana-Kuwait, over a review he wrote of his experience at their avenues restaurant.

I read the court service papers, and oh boy, it looks bad. Benihana-Kuwait are blaming Mark for the downfall of their revenues, their failure to attract customers, and are demanding monetary restitution of KD 5,000 and a shut down of his successful blog.

The review Mark wrote was a very normal tell of his own personal experience there. Restaurants shouldn’t expect every meal to be perfect, as not every chef is good to tell you the truth.

However, what is truly upsetting with this story is the way Benihana’s manager, a Mr. Mike Servo, commented on the review. I, as a Kuwaiti, would take it as an insult to insinuate that we discriminate against non-Kuwaities. In addition, the way he was commenting on the fairness of our Kuwaiti courts suggested that he was actually saying quite the total opposite.

Mark’s blog is one of the most successful ones in Kuwait, if not the most successful one. People go to his site to get informative information about technology, movies, historical pictures, and food. Having said this, to say that his personal review of Benihana has damaged their business is just foolish and incorrect.

We all have different experiences of the same exact places, so it’s very normal to get various reactions due to different tastes and opersonalities. Therefore, Mark’s opinion was just that: HIS OWN PERSONAL OPINION.

I wish the case to be immediately dismissed by the courts when the court date comes.And till then, I wish that Mark wouldn’t stress a lot about this issue.

People have gotten off in the past, while saying a lot worse. So good luck Mark, hopefully there will be no reason to worry.