Best Egyptian picture ever أحلى صورة لأحداث مصر

Picture taken from Kiafan 5.


Farah Fawcett’s famous swimsuit donated to the Smithsonian

CNN’s link.

Farah Fawcett’s Barbie doll wearing a replica swimsuit.

PF Chang opens a new branch in Corniche Club

PF Chang has opened up a new branch in Corniche Club, on Gulf Rd, Salmiya.

Pic taken from Q8 Black Market.

What if she said No? اشيسوى عليك لو قالت لأ


Funny: Hussni Mubarak is all for Coors canned beer

Some light humor to brighten our miserable day.

Justin Bieber’s like like like like……

That’s a whole lot of likes in just one interview.

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Golden Jubilee Handicraft Women Exhibition this Saturday

The exhibition is open to ladies, and it’s this Saturday. It’s going to be full of handicraft, national celebration accessories, and a bunch of amazing stuff. See you there inshalla.

You’re going to love this Volkswagen Commercial

May the Force be with you…. I’m such a Star Wars fan!