A Huge Thank You to our Coast Guards

I just want to express my deepest thanks and biggest hugs to our beloved Coast Guards, allah ey7afethkum inshalla.

The Coast Guards were cruising the sea in this amazing hovercraft, so me and my friends waved at them, being the national holiday month and all.

And bless their precious hearts, they turned to us, came close to the beach, and saluted us; as we waved and clapped.

Thank you so much for giving us the best of patriotic feelings today, god bless you wizara w wazeer xoxo

3ashat linna elkwait!! عاشت لنا الكويت

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Spring is here

I know it’s still winter, especially night time, when temps go down to freezing levels. But right now, in the daylight, it feels like spring is here. Even the flowers are in full colorful blossom.

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