My free gifts from Quality Net

I went to Mishref Fairgrounds this evening to renew my Q-Net DSL subscription.

The speed I use is the 2-4 MB, which I renewed again for the annual price of KD258, KD8 more expensive than last year. I don’t know what’s up with that. I mean we should be getting better offers, like faster speeds or cheaper rates or something.

Anyways, they gave me a scratch card. I played dumb and took two of them. I won two free 1 Tira external HDs.

Since they didn’t have it in stock, they offered to give me a portable 500 GB one (with free anti-virus) on the spot. And they were kind enough to turn a blind eye, and gave me two of them, even though I only have a one subscription.

I like Q-Net, I rarely have problems with their connection, so I didn’t see any point in looking at offers from other companies (even though I’m not in love with their prices this year).

I’m happy with the new external HD, atleast it’s something I know I will be using. As for the speed, I would’ve rather had a faster connection for this price.

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