Hilarious Bad Autocorrect

Call elmaskeen, shaklah yatla sakta qalbiya, lol.


Funky Old Classic Car on Kuwaiti Roads

Thank you so much for the wonderful sweet driver who allowed us to take pictures of his lovely car, and was even nice enough to pose for the camera. Thank You.

My review of the Halloum McMuffin

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I tried McDonald’s Halloum McMuffin the other day. I ordered a meal, which comes with a drink and a hash brown for just Kd 1.

The muffin was light and tasted ok. The cheese was a bit rubbery for my taste, but on the good side, the whole muffin was super light and a surprise alternative to the other McMuffins. You should note though that the Oregano used is actually za3tar, but without the Sesame seeds. After I had this one, all other muffins tasted oily and heavy.

I would definitely have the Halloum McMuffin again.

Hot SuperBowl commercial feat. Kim Kardashian

I bet a whole lot of shoes were sold with this ad.

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Can’t believe my eyes: Russell Brand’s teenage pic


Now & How

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Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne’s Best Buy commercial. Btw, the bearded dude in the end is JB himself in disguise.

Bridgstone’s heartwarming commercial.

VolksWagen’s Black Bettle commercial.

These are just a few of this year’s amazing SuperBowl commercials. You can check out all the rest right here on this dedicated youtube channel.