Wael Ghoneim breaks down on TV وائل غنيم يبكي على التلفزيون

His tears moved egyptians once more in Maydan ElTa7reer protests, read about it here.

Wael is Google’s ME Marketing amanger, who was arrested on Jan 27, shortly after Egypt’s rise. He was detained against his will and blindfolded, without informing his family or friends.

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Are we made of money? The Abracadabra Show

KD75 per ticket? For a show that’s staged in the old skating rink? I remember paying KD70 for the Cirque Du Soleil for their show in Palm-Jumeirah, and just £120 for their show in Royal Albert Hall, and those were for balconies not regular seats.

Come on people, its just too expensive for something shown at the old beaten-down skating rink!

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher

Meryl Streep will be playing Margaret thatcher in “The Iron Lady”.

Looking for a good shop&ship service

I’m looking for a good you shop and we ship kind of service. I’ve heard a lot of great things about myus.com… Only problem is that they’re are more expensive than Aramex’s service. However, it does look like their service is also a lot better than Aramex’s.

Any recommendations before I create my new MyUs account?

Mabrook elRain

Congratulation for the rain Kuwait, we finally got some.

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