Wael Ghoneim breaks down on TV وائل غنيم يبكي على التلفزيون

His tears moved egyptians once more in Maydan ElTa7reer protests, read about it here.

Wael is Google’s ME Marketing amanger, who was arrested on Jan 27, shortly after Egypt’s rise. He was detained against his will and blindfolded, without informing his family or friends.

Related: Egyptian Police brutality and Google finds a way to tweet without internet.


7 Responses to Wael Ghoneim breaks down on TV وائل غنيم يبكي على التلفزيون

  1. Um-fahad says:

    يقطع القلب.. الله يآجرهم على مصيبتهم

  2. Nivine says:

    i have so much admiration for the way these young ppl United to change the destiny of a Country 🙂

  3. hamza says:

    عاشت مصر أم الدنيا حرة وعالية وشريفة بشبابها وحماها الله من كل الطغاة والفاسدين

  4. أروى says:

    أنا مش عارفة أقول ايه
    بس انا أول مرة اتفرجت على فيديو للشهداء عملت زيه كده
    عيني دمعت فى الأول وبعدين انفجرت من العياط
    ودلوقتي كل مابشوف صورهم مابقدرش امسك نفسي
    انا من امبارح حاسة انى مشلولة مش قادرة اتكلم او اعمل اى حاجة
    صور الشهداء مش بتفارق خيالي

    يارب انتقملنا من الظالمين

  5. khaled abdelrahman says:

    great young man,i which egypt can benefit from his patriotism,not like others that were forced to
    emigrate and live in the west,where you can find people realy hating our country and culture.

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