One really great Pizza from SeaShell Jlai3a

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SeaShell Hotel & Resort Jlai3a have a wood\brick pizza oven. A lot of my friends recommended the pizza, so I gave it a try last week. And it was amazing. It’s really fresh, has great tomato sauce and cheese, so light and thin, comes piping hot from the oven, and is just really good.

I love a good pizza, and always have trouble ordering one that is both light and rich in taste. Anyways, I loved the SeaShell’s pizza so much, that I actually went there again this weekend too.

It’s served in their Presto cafe, the one on the water fountain roundabout, and costs between Kd2 and 3, depending on the toppings you chose.

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2 Responses to One really great Pizza from SeaShell Jlai3a

  1. Mark says:

    looks good, just not sure if its worth the drive.

  2. buzfairy says:

    Oh, it’s good, but I’m not sure it’s worth the drive… Especially that the oven isn’t available every week 😦

    But, if you ever want to cruise to starbx ra77al, then yeah, give it a try 🙂

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