Gold Piano in Dubai

Update: Here’s a complete review of the show.

This gold piano, that also lights up in sparkly lights, was the one used in tonight’s “Three Phantoms of the Opera”.

And let me tell you this, the show was amazing. The performers deserved to be accompanied by a golden piano.

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Phantom of the Opera is playing in Dubai

The Three Phantoms is playing for 3 nights, starting tonight, at the Mall of Emirates Theatre. The show will have three of the actors that played the role of the Phantom, plus the actress that played the lead lady for 2 years.

And I also just found out that all actors are staying at my hotel, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping to see them there later.

The show is running for 3 nights, and will end on Sat Feb 19. Tickets are from Dh 120 to Dh 250.

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Cool Fridges

Update: Several readers informed me that the fridges are available in Rihab Center. Thx ohood, nyn, in-love-with-laguna, and Fahad.

I found these at a shop called Better Homes over at Mall of Emirates. I especially like the UAE flag one, and I want to have the same one in a Kuwaiti flag design.

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My Review of Burger Fuel in JBR Walk

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Yesterday we tried out Burger Fuel on the Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai. It’s a New Zealand franchise, that started in 1995, and claims that it was the first gourmet burger in the world.

They offer beef, chicken, and vegi burgers. We had a couple of beef burgers, and they all come in one single huge size of a 1/3  pound each. What’s different about this place is the toppings. You get beetroot, avocado, parmesan, three kinds of cheeses, garlic aioli, and relish (which is not pickles, but rather something close to a tomato salsa).

Their side orders are a limited 3 kinds: fries, chicken stripes, and some pumpkin fried ball. And the only desert they have is ice cream.

We ordered a couple of burgers along with regular fries. One with cheddar, salad, and relish; and the other one with 2 cheeses, grilled onions, and salad.

Now for the taste. First of all, I have to say the burgers are huge. And they give you a small cartoon to fold into a burger holder, so you don’t mess things around. The burgers were nice and tasty, but not overly delicious. We have better burger places in Kuwait. However, for the price and location of this burger, I’m pretty sure I’ll be hitting the place again.

The fries were hot and thick, and tasted really good dunked in the relish and aioli. Burger Fuel also offered organic sodas, so we ordered two: the Lemonade and some weird fruit mix. They tastes a bit awful, like undrinkable to be frank. But again, I’m not into weird tastes, I’m a plain diet coke fan.

Burger Fuel’s service was amazing and super friendly. The location is magnificent, right in the middle of JBR. The burgers, though normal, are very enjoyable. Like I said, I would be going there again in the future. 2 burgers, 2 fries, 2 cokes, and 2 organic sodas costed us Dh 121, which is pretty good.

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Dubai’s Pullman Hotel Breakfast view

I’m staying at the Pullman Hotel in the Mall of Emirates, and they have the best view from their breakfast balconies.

The hotel is the tallest in the Jumeirah area, and so offers a perfect view onto the Jumeirah side, Burj Khaleefa side, Dubai Marina, and many more places.

You can also check out the Pullman’s beautiful rooftop view.