The Real Truth Behind the Bedoon in Kuwait

A lot of people say that the Iraqi Prime-Minister’s visit to Kuwait last week is the real reason behind this sudden Bedoon unrest in Jahra & Sulaibiya. The Iraqi PM had promised to provide Kuwait with all the names & documents of the so called beddoon living in Kuwait.

Fearing that they will finally be uncovered as Iraqi citizens, the Bedoon are trying to raise some unrest, as a bargaining way to force our Kuwaiti government into leniency with them.

My personal opinion of the matter is best described by the statement of Quwwat Al-3amal Al-Wa6ani, taken from Al-Jareeda.


My Perfect Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut

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I ordered a Pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut, with extra sauce. I asked extra sauce right on the pizza, and also in a small separate container just in case the chef forget to add the sauce to the pizza.

I always order my food with extra sauce, and many places charge me just for the extra spoon or two. The charge is reasonable if the ingredients were expensive or the sauce quantity was a lot.

But there are other instances when I don’t feel that the charge is justified, like with Pizza hut tonight. They charged me 600 fils for the extra marinara sauce, which is basically just tomato sauce, nothing fancy about it.

But damn me, Pizza Hut tied my tongue in knots. I was speechless when I saw this most mouthwatering Pepperoni pizza, with the oozing extra sauce and yummy melted cheese. I forgot all about my complaint, and started to develop a serious crush on the chef.

The way my pizza looked totally justifies the extra charge. I would never ever mind paying extra, if my pizza would look and taste this perfect. Plus, it does help to get your order 25 minutes early, and in super hot condition. It was the perfect order to tell you the truth.

Oh my my, the pizza was perfect. Pizza Hut, please deliver this exact pizza to me over and over again. Don’t change anything, and please send my biggest thanks to the chef over at your Mansouriya branch. He did good, real good.

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Keeping your address a secret on FourSquare

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Dubai Parks

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We went to Dubai’s Creek Park, one of their public parks, to see the Dolphin and Seal show. The park reminded me of England’s beautiful relaxing parks, with plenty of grass, trees, and green bushes. I wonder why we don’t have parks like this in Kuwait.

My apologies for the somewhat blurry pictures, but that’s because I was walking fast to get to the show, since we were already late to it.

I’ll post the pics of the Dolphin\Seal\Acrobat show when I get a chance to organize them., it was such a nice show.

Pictures of Tonight’s Rain

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I’m trying to take better pictures at night, so I took the opportunity to try and shoot tonight’s rain in hopes of getting better. I wasn’t able to take good pictures of the rain, beacuse it just won’t stop moving enough for my shutter to capture it. I leave you with the mess of  pictures I took.

What a wasted effort, I know that. But I’m still super happy with the rain though.

NBK’s annual Walkathon

NBK’s annual Walkathon is on March 12th. Registration is open till March 11th, in NBK’s tent beside the Scientific Centre in Salmiya. I’ve been in a couple of them over the years, and they’re a whole load of fun for the whole family.