My Perfect Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut

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I ordered a Pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut, with extra sauce. I asked extra sauce right on the pizza, and also in a small separate container just in case the chef forget to add the sauce to the pizza.

I always order my food with extra sauce, and many places charge me just for the extra spoon or two. The charge is reasonable if the ingredients were expensive or the sauce quantity was a lot.

But there are other instances when I don’t feel that the charge is justified, like with Pizza hut tonight. They charged me 600 fils for the extra marinara sauce, which is basically just tomato sauce, nothing fancy about it.

But damn me, Pizza Hut tied my tongue in knots. I was speechless when I saw this most mouthwatering Pepperoni pizza, with the oozing extra sauce and yummy melted cheese. I forgot all about my complaint, and started to develop a serious crush on the chef.

The way my pizza looked totally justifies the extra charge. I would never ever mind paying extra, if my pizza would look and taste this perfect. Plus, it does help to get your order 25 minutes early, and in super hot condition. It was the perfect order to tell you the truth.

Oh my my, the pizza was perfect. Pizza Hut, please deliver this exact pizza to me over and over again. Don’t change anything, and please send my biggest thanks to the chef over at your Mansouriya branch. He did good, real good.

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