Ouch, Funny, and a Bit of Animal Cruelty الضب دايما يفوز

هالصبي ما شاف شلون ادلع قطوتي…. لول


Video of Libya’s Protests

Wataniya Airport’s New Cafes

On our way to Dubai last week, I noticed two new cafes\dessert\snack places in Sh. Sa’ad Wataniya Airways airport.

One is a cinnebun place called CinnZeo, while the other is a frozen yogurt place called Yogen Fruz. They’re both upstairs in the same hall as Starbucks.

What’s unique about Yogen Fruz are the different varying strange frozen yogurt flavors, like Key lime pie and stuff. And what’s also unique is how they blend the toppings into the frozen yogurt, like in a McFlurry. Or you can have the toppings on top, like all the other usual places.

Both of these new cafes open till 10 p.m.

Justin Bieber’s New Haircut

What do you think of Justin Bieber’s new haircut? He sure looks older.

Pics from TMZ.

Watch Fireworks Backfire

Bald John Travolta

He doesn’t look that bad. I actually think that his wig looks worse.

Gaddafi’s Oscar Deserving Appearance

  • This doesn’t look like Qaddafi.
  • The vid seems to be shot in a studio, rather than in front of his palace.
  • Was he in character? This is not how a leader looks like.
  • And what’s with him trying to close the car’s door?
  • What kind of car is that anyway?

The Most Beautiful Button Press Ever from Sh. Subah

الله يعزك يا اميرنا و يطولنا بعمرك يا شيخنا العود

Sh. Sabah pressed the money transfer button for the Men7a, and it’s the largest single money transfer in the world.

My own Men7a