Qatar Joins Kuwait in Our Celebrations

Nice move.

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My 3eed Wa6ani Flags

My friend sent me a whole bag of fancy Kuwaiti patriotic stuff, and I put a couple of flags on my car quickly on my way out.

I’ll make a better presentation when I get back inshalla.

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Watch Qaddafi Shout Really Loud فيديو صراخ القذافي

I just want to know one thing, why is he shouting? زين مايتله سكتة على هالعصبية

I also want to add to everyone who fought with me when I said that Hussni Mubarak was never a dictator, only a corrupt president. I urge you to watch this short video, and Qaddafi’s entire speech, to see a real tyrant in action. Mubarak was never a Qaddafi. He was never a tyrant.

Largest single men7a ٣٦,٠٠٠ دك مبلغ منحة رجل كويتي

منقول من القبس

King Abdullah Returns to Saudi Arabia يعود الملك عبدالله للسعودية اليوم

King Abdullah will be returning to Saudi Arabia today, Wednesday, inshalla after three months of medical treatment in the US.

سوف يعود الملك عبدالله الى السعودية اليوم الزربعاء باذن الله، بعد قضاءه فترة علاج نازهت الثلاثة شهور في الولايات المتحدة

ألف حمدالله على سلامتك و غداك الشر انشاءالله

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