Radaina 3ala Teryalli

Everyone was so happy we banned foam, but guess what? We get something that’s even worse… Water guns!!

And checkout the tiny Kuwaiti flag, ya3ni this makes it an official national holiday merchandise.

Are your kids buying water guns this year?

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Guess Who We Saw Today

NBK kids stars! In Pizza Hut, Souq Sharq! The kids are so friendly and sweet, and the boy was mashalla ya7lailah eyhabbel.

Pictures of Riyadh Celebrating King Abdullah زينة الرياض بفرحة رجوع الملك عبدالله

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Pics taken from here and here.

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VIVA’s New Song with Abdullah Rwaished أغنية فيفا الجديدة مع عبدالله الرويشد

اغنية فيفا بمناسبة الأعياد الوطنية، اسمها تدور الأرض و من غناء عبدالله الرويشد

You can download the song from here.

Thank you Abdulrazzaq Al-Shammali from VIVA-Kuwait for the links.

Great Morning Kuwait أحلى صباح خير يا كويت

A great oldie

A good newbie

Do you guys want me to prepare you a playlist for National & Liberation Days? Coz I’m doing one for myself, so just tell me if you want it too.

Must Read: Saddam’s last Military Meeting on the Eve of Kuwait’s Liberation War

لازم تقرون هذا. النص الحرفي لآخر اجتماع عسكري حق صدام حسين قبل ما تبدي الحرب الارضية لتحرير الكويت يوم ٢٤ فبراير ١٩٩١

جريدة الجريدة قدرت تحصل اشرطة الاجتماع، و قدرت بصعوبة بالغة انها تحولهم الى نص… و بتنشر الاجتماع على جزئين: اليوم ، باكر

هذا الجزء الأول

This is a must read.

You have to tread the manuscript of one of Saddam’s last military meetings before the start of the land war, on the morning of Feb 24, 1991.

Al-Jareeda has obtained the audio tapes of the meeting, and was able to transcribe them. It will publish them in two parts, today and tomorrow.

You can read part 1, which consists of a 2 full page part, here.

Pic taken from here.

My Super Healthy Snack

I’m gona eat this, even though what I really want is a grilled cheddar avocado panini.

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Don’t Forget Sh. Sabah’s Speech Today لا تنسون خطاب الشيخ صباح اليوم

Our Emir, Sh. Sabah Al-Ahmad will be making a special speech today, commemorating Kuwait’s Golden Jubilee, the 20th anniversary of our Liberation, and the 5th anniversary of Sh. Sabah’s as our Emir.

I don’t know when the speech is, but I’m guessing night time. Taken from Al-Jareeda.