Great Fireworks

Here are videos of the show, parts one and two. I’ve also posted the pictures, which you can view here.

The fireworks show was amazing. The whole coastline men jam3eyat elmohandeseen lain el abraj was lit by fireworks.

I didn’t know where to look, Kuwait Towers or the coastline. It was very beautiful, and is worth every fils they paid for them.

The show lasted around an hour. A lot of people came to watch, all ages, all prepared with flags and wearing and waving our flag.

One thing messed up my celebrations. MOD soldiers, sitting with face masks, machine guns, and in 10 black suburban vans. One of them made a rude remark, and I swear if looks would kill, he would be dead. 5air inshalla? A3arfik et3arefni? Em6ay7 elmiyana? Tamerni shako? Hatha eli gaser ba3ad. 3ala golat elmathal: 7alatik saket.

Elmohim… Congratulations our dear Kuwait w 3eedich embarak w kil 3am w entay eb5air inshalla. 3eedik embarak sh. Suba7 w sh. Nawaf. Allah ey7afeth deeratna w ey3ez shanha.

(I’ve got some amazing pics and video, which I’ll post first chance I get inshalla).

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4 Responses to Great Fireworks

  1. Manayer says:

    glad to know mostly every1 had fun:)

    we decided to go at the very last minute (b4 the show in an hr;p), but it was waaaaaay tooo crowded so we had to head back home.

    at least we saw it on t.v. 🙂

    • buzfairy says:

      I went last hour too, bs i was lucky eni wesalt in like 10 minutes. I got there just before 7, and I made sure to park wara jam3eyat sharq, jbal qasr dasman.

      7asafa enkum radaitaw… The show and the ppl were electrifying… 7asafa 😦

      try to go to the military parade in 9abiya, or the fun carnival one on Gulf Rd youm el a7ad 🙂

  2. Om Totta says:

    والله عفيه عليج عجبتيني زين سويتي انج رحتي بصراحه الاحتفالات بالعيد الوطني ما تتطوف

    • buzfairy says:

      Oh, I went and had fun. Kil shay sahala mashalla.

      I got there in 10 mins, parked shway wara, so I walked 3 mins. Everything else was sahala.

      Hatha 3eedna elwa6ani, and a special ur 3alaina elsinna. Yabeelah men eyta3annah w eyroo7 🙂
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