Take Down Iraq’s Flags

We are celebrating the 20th anniversary. Of getting liberated from the Iraqi occupation of our country.

They made our Emir, Sh. Jaber, beg and cry in front of the whole world.

They made Kuwaitis cry tears of blood during the invasion, not knowing for certain if Kuwait will be back.

Take down the Iraqi flags during Kuwait’s celebrations. It’s not proper at all to have the flag of the country that invaded us, beside our own flag and the flags of countries that stood and fought beside us in our time of celebration.

We are celebrating getting liberated from them!! How can we have their flags waving in my country in this sensitive time!!


13 Responses to Take Down Iraq’s Flags

  1. SKY says:

    What happened to Kuwait was a tragedy Kuwait was Raped by SADDAM, The Iraqi Regime that invaded Kuwait is no longer in Power thank god, my humble opinion is that we should focus in building a better relationship with the “new” Iraq.

    • buzfairy says:

      We are building a new relationship, built on total respect to us and to international laws.

      What I mind is having their flag waved above my country in our celebration weekend. It doesn’t feel good. It’s a bit hypocritical to have their flag, while we are really celebrating kicking them out of Kuwait.

      Maybe we can leave the Iraqi flag for other occasions, just not this one.

      Thank you for your polite comment 🙂

  2. dailymail1 says:

    I totally agree Buzz- I was shocked when I saw the Iraqi flag flying the other day. Sometimes less is more.

    • buzfairy says:

      Thank you so much for your honesty. It’s a shame walah to see it waving in Kuwait bil3eed elwa6ani

      Youm ya ra2ees wozara2hum w zar elmarina madri el avenues, w a3lamhum rafrofat bilkwait, matekalamna wala gelna shay…

      But eb3eed elta7reerm, sorry, gala6 3alamhum ynrefe3 ebdeerti.

  3. Nivine says:

    yes it is shocking and irritating, but the rationale is that flag is same, but its a complete different era…you cannot not wave flag either…

    • buzfairy says:

      You know how I love your rational cool opinions, right? I say this, because U want you to try and understand my rational here.

      I’m sure that we’re not waving flags of every country during our celebrations. And since we are celebrating getting liberated from the Iraqi invasion, I see it as very hypocritical to wave the Iraqi flag in these special days.

      We can have it waved in far away roads, away from the eyes of Kuwaitis who’m have lived the Iraqi invasion and have POWs and shohada. We can also chose not to wave their flag at all. Iraq in this case could show a true act of friendship, and not make a fuss about it.

      But choosing to wave the flag on highways, bridges, and other highly trafficked roads is just pure rudeness.

      I am so glad that the flag that is waving on our street is the Egyptian flag. I swear, if it was the Iraqi one, you would see me burning it with the biggest lighter I could find 🙂

  4. in-love-with-laguna says:

    i agree with u fairy

    its only goverment relationship
    personaly i will never like them !!!
    can u imagin befor yesterday there was in his
    car listing to iraqi song

    انا تلقائيا و فطريا كشيت و اشمئزيت
    ما نبي اي شي !!!!! منهم و لا سحنتهم
    اشدعوه اهم حاسين بالذنب او الندم بالي سووه فينا و عيالنا
    لحد الحين !!!! يعلمون عيالهم تن الكويت لهم و ان الخير الي احنا فيه المفروض لهم

    • buzfairy says:

      I have iraqi american friends, w sa3eddona wayd belgazew.

      But etha ur talking abt regular poor iraqi ppl, then aglabhum r still against us. lil7een they think ennah elkwait is part of iraq. w el arda ennah 7ata ways nas in other countries, like rab3i els3odeyeen think ennah elkwait aslan part of Iraq.

      بالنسبة للناس عديمة الاحساس اللي تشغل الموسيقى العراقية في فترة اعيادنا الوطنية… ما أقول الا عسى الله يطيحكم بلسان أم شهيد أو أسير، و تدعي عليكم بذيك الدعوى الي انشاءالله مستجابة.

      ناس صج ماتستحي

  5. Abdul-Aziz says:

    i totally agree with u, but this is politics, we (normal people) thinks like u but politicians don’t.

    • buzfairy says:

      Akeed… But as a politician, I cud pretend to lose the flag…. Also, 7ata in politics, I don’t see how inviting Iraq on this occasion was necessary. And since I’m pretty sure enah ra2ees.hum is not heading elwafd, we don’t actually have to fly their flag.

      But like you said, politicians… Chan zain faydeena ebshay!

  6. Omar says:

    It was the people with the government who were crazy and how could we forget the torture ?!

    I hated saddam and anything now got to do with his country, once a moron will always be a moron, there maybe good people but again it’s about the country and their population who if given a chance, would happily tear any country apart by robbing them.. DOWN IRAQ!

    they even took my little kart which was left behind .. I mean can u imagine those people were shooting down innocent residents and citizens just for stuff worth a few KD’s?

    Damn u Iraqi’s.. I hate your country and again I said some people are good , but most of them are A******S

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