Details of Roads Closed, Parking, and Buses for Today’s Carnival Parade

Gulf Road from Haroun Al-Rasheed to 3rd Ring Road, will be closed from midnight.

Gulf Road between 3rd Ring Road and Soor St. (British Embassy) will be closed from 12 noon.

Also, all roads leading to Gulf Road from between the 3rd Ring Road to Soor St (British Embassy) will be closed all day Sunday (not sure from what time).

The public will watch the carnival on Gulf Road from the 3rd Rind Road intersection till the British Embassy’s intersection, making it a pedestrian and parade only road.

All parking on Gulf Road will be closed except for:

  • She3eb Park parking.
  • Green Island (for the elderly and handicapped only).
  • Enginerrs & Lawyers Societies parking and surrounding land.
  • Souq Sharq parking and sourounding land.

There will be public buses to transport people from co-ops and the Ice Skating rink to Gulf Road:

  • From She3eb, Hawalli, and De3eya Co-Ops to the 3rd Ring Road intersection on Gulf Road.
  • From Qadsiya, Mansouriya, and Dasma Co-Ops to the 2nd Ring Road intersction on Gulf Road.
  • From Sharq and bnaid Al-Gar Co-Ops And the Ice Skating Rink to Engineers\Lawyers scoieties’ intersection on Gulf Road.

The Carnival Parade is expected to be awesome, with more than 90 different participants.

Jet Fighters from Kuwait’s liberation war will be there, as well as the Coast Guard’s amazing hovercraft .

Don’t miss the fun.


14 Responses to Details of Roads Closed, Parking, and Buses for Today’s Carnival Parade

  1. 3ateeja says:

    hatha nafsa ely byebon a6wal 3alam ?
    wel sa3a cham ra7 ykon ?

    • buzfairy says:

      ماعتقد…. اهو المفروض يكون عبارة عن سيارات و مزينينها بديكورات و أشياء

      الله يهدي الداخلية مو ذاكرين متى بالضبط ابيبدون، بس قالوا العصر…. عشان جذي اظن ابيبدي الساعة ٣

      هذا الكرنفال مثل مال أيام الأول، سيايير مركب عليها ديكورلت و اشياء ونيسة

  2. AM says:

    What time is the Carnival schedule to start today? Will the carnival start from the Gulf Road opposite the Shaab Park?

    • buzfairy says:

      The parade shud start at 3 pm.

      And no, not from she3eb park… It’ll start from 3rd ring rd to Kuwait Towers (all on gulf rd of course).

      She3eb park is where the participating parade vehicles are assembling. But the moving parade itself won’t start ela men 3rd ring rd.


  3. AM says:

    What time is the Carnival scheduled to start? Will it be starting from Gulf Road opposite Shaab Park?

  4. AM says:

    Thanks a lot for the information. Do post if you have any more updates or changes regarding the starting time of the Carnival or any other new information related to the Carnival. I am excitedly waiting to see this beautiful event! Thankyou for sharing all the beautiful pictures and videos of the celebration.

  5. kk says:

    sup Buz.. r u sure it starts at 3 ?? any updates? 10x in adavnce for ur help..

  6. Mohammed Al-A says:

    The carnival was amazing, glad something amazing happened in kuwait (:

  7. BananaQ8 says:

    I was at the carnival today & it took me so long to get there & get out 🙂

    • buzfairy says:

      I didn’t go at all 😦

      I went there late, after everyone finished, but I got to see the rides. Some of my favs r hay2at elzera3a and Naif.

      Mal elzera3a was really unique, and Naif da5al glbi eb7es.hum elwa6ani 🙂
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Zain Kuwait

  8. AM says:

    Thanks to you Buzfairy, I went for the Carnival yesterday and it was quite a beautiful event.

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