Shai5na El3ood is Giving a Speech Today

Sh. Suba7 is giving a speech today… A lot of speculation is going around what it’s about.

Most people say Sh. Suba7 will: Ey7el majlis elOmma and call for new elections on April 30 and change the Prime Minister. No word on who will be our new PM yet.

Other people are speculating that he’ll drop consumer loans, but I don’t think so. That doesn’t make sense, because a lot of hard working people go by their lives without borrowing money, and it won’t be fair to them.

No word so far as for the timing of the speech either, but they say it’s around noon time, not night. Allah yster 3alaina inshalla.

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Mabrook 6ai7at elbor9a مالت على الأسهم

قولولي…. هل هذا قبول؟ علموني شنهي أسعار النفط اليوم؟ ما شنها زايدة من ٧٠ دولار لين فوق ال ١٠٠  السنة هذي؟

فهموني شللي قاعد يصير بالبورصة؟  انا كمستثمر حاطة ثقتي بأسهم البنوك، مو شركات النخي و الحب…. شلون تفسرولي هالخساير الغير منطقية؟

How in the hell do my shares in NBK and KFH both drop by 60-160 fils in a month? Whilst at the same time watch Kuwait’s oil price has go up by more than 50%?

I don’t speculate. I don’t invest in non-operational companies. I don’t even look at non-viable sectors. I invest in solid, loaded with profits banks. Don’t tell me I didn’t do my homework. There is no reason for me losing hard earned money.

How do you explain these loses to me? I worked hard for my money to stand quite to see it evaporate like this.

This has been going on for a long time now, ever since August 2008. That is quite a long time for investors to stay quite. Enough is enough.

Ya 7ukooma, get your act together and do something. NOW!!

This is totally unacceptable!!!!

Today’s Mood مزاج اليوم

We’re channeling sad melodramatic Nancy 3ajram today for some weird in-understandable reason.

Dior Fires John Galliano

Dior has fired John Galliano. No more Galliano designs for Dior. He is no longer Dior’s Head of Design.

Galliano was arrested in Paris a few days ago, after makingsome racist and anti-semetic comments while drunk at a bar in Paris.

He denied the accusation, but then this video came out. It’s from a different night, but the same nasty words and view can be heard here again.

I love Dior, and I love Galliano’s influence on it. It’s a shame if this 6arda turns out o be a permanent thing for Galliano.

Videos of Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Kissing & Being Rude to Fans

This is Justin & Selena finally kissing in public, after leaving Vanity Fair’s OScars after party. This is just so wrong, he’s only 16 years old, and has no business kissing anyone. Least of all an older girl.

This was shot by  a group of teenage girls, whom bumped into Justin and Selena at the St. Regis in LA.

Oman Protests