Dior Fires John Galliano

Dior has fired John Galliano. No more Galliano designs for Dior. He is no longer Dior’s Head of Design.

Galliano was arrested in Paris a few days ago, after makingsome racist and anti-semetic comments while drunk at a bar in Paris.

He denied the accusation, but then this video came out. It’s from a different night, but the same nasty words and view can be heard here again.

I love Dior, and I love Galliano’s influence on it. It’s a shame if this 6arda turns out o be a permanent thing for Galliano.


3 Responses to Dior Fires John Galliano

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  2. Arien says:

    His drunk and it seems that they were hving fun!!
    Wallh jews r powerful
    Yamal another hitler yemsa7hom

    • buzfairy says:

      Kalam qawi, and difficult to accept.

      i like him, he was wayd eccentric… And his design\fashion talent is undisputed, he pulled the house of dior to what it is today.

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