Reminder: NBK’s Annual Walkathon

  • I posted about NBK’s annual Walkathon a few weeks ago, and just wanted to remind you this is the last week to register. It ends on Friday the 11th.
  • Registration is beside the Scientific Center in Salmiya.
  • Also, one of my dear readers (cute Ms. N.) just informed me that you can also register at NBK-Avenues, where they have a small stand there.

The Walkathon is next Saturday, March 12th. Don’t miss out on a great family-fun-filled day.

Thx to Ms. Badria from NBK.


2 Responses to Reminder: NBK’s Annual Walkathon

  1. 3ateeja says:

    i’m in 😀

    • buzfairy says:

      Super cool. I was thinking of posting a few pics from previous walkathons, ya3ni a7ames elnas shway if they saw the fun 😉
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