The Design & Making of Chanel Jewelry


Arabs Got Talent’s 65 year old Talented Old Man

I was surprised with this segment of last night’s Arabs Got Talent episode.

He might not have been good, or won, or even that entertaining; but we can all agree on one thing: Damn! The guy is 65 years old….. Mashalla 3alaih. His dexterity, mighty limber and obvious strength blew my mind away.

طلال منصور، ماشاءالله عليك

Justin Bieber Stuck in his Liverpool Hotel

Hoards of teenage girls forced Justin Beiber to get stuck in his Liverpool hotel room. The police weren’t sure they  would be able to guarantee his safety if he got out of the hotel.

Click here for all the details.

An Amazing Mothers’ Day Cake from Kakao

I was browsing the Kuwaiti local online store, venyooo, when I stumbled upon this gorgeous Mothers’ Day cake from Kakao. The cake looks gorgeous and pretty with all the white chocolate ruffles.

Kakao is my most favorite chocolate place in Kuwait, and I’m very sure that the cake will taste amazing. It’s priced at KD 20, with a KD 2 delivery charge from venyooo, and comes in a nice plexi round tray\cover.

Click here for my review of Kakao. You can call them on tel # 97162323 or check out their Facebook page for information and updates.

The New Smurfs Movie Trailer

The new Smurfs movie, “The Smurfs“, opens August 3rd, 2011.

Watch Japan’s Nuclear Plant Explosion

This is very sad. Japan’s Nuclear power plant in Fukushima suffered a huge explosion, after yesterday’s devastating earthquake and Tsunami. More details here.

Innovative Iraqi Teaching لا يفوتكم شلون يدرسون العراقيين

يلعن يومهم… الله يادمهم خفيف… والله خووووووش دراسة

Baskin Robins Milkshakes

I just had my first Baskin Robins milkshake in years. I forgot all about them to tell you the truth. The milkshakes come in 2 sizes, 3 scoopes for kd 1.1 or 4 scoopes for kd 1.3. Both sizes come with a sauce topping and whip cream.

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