What Happened to Wataniya Airways?

What happened? Wataniya Airways suspended all of its flights suddenly and without warning.

It looks like the suspension is immeditae. This is a tweet from them, telling their stranded passengers to show their tickets to a Jazeera or Kuwait Airways counter.

This is very sad. I hope Wataniya aren’t going out of business. I know they’ve already reduced their routes back in December, but I thought things will pick up again.

I think all of their obligations were a result of that Austrian Airline collaboration thing. I wish they stuck to their own routes instead.

Let’s see what tomorrow’s papers say about Wataniya.

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5 Responses to What Happened to Wataniya Airways?

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  2. Nivine says:

    In developped countries, Governments stand by national industries, as they contribute to GDP…its unfair for such a national project to be abandoned to its own sort in this manner, especially when u knw that Kuwait Airways a competerive with very lousy services is getting preferential treatment!!! its very sad!!!! everyone is sad really!!!!!

    • buzfairy says:

      7asafa walah 3alaihum… I don’t know if they salvage anything now… I don’t see the government breaking a sweat to help them.

      Maybe if they were bahraini or omani, protest a little, cry about being poor a little… Maybe then they’ll get help.

      7asafa. It’s sad and petheic to allow something so reputable like wataniya who won 2nd best ME airline to rot. The government should help them.

      Airlines are not an easy segment of the economy, you only get one new co every few DECADES, so it’s the government’s job to help and support them in time of need.

      I heard that kwt airways charges them kd9 for meals. Why? R passengers eating lobster and wagu? And u still want them to survive? That’s can’t happen lel2asaf 😦

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