Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Lucky the Leprechaun got to ring the bell of NYSE in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Sorry for my belated greeting to all my Irish, half-Irish, and Irish loving friends.

I, myself, keep my lucky Leprechaun close to me. I’ve got it pinned on my cap for some immediate luck whenever I need it.


One Cool Movie

It’s called Limitless and stars Bradley Cooper. The movie’s about a pill that opens up all of your brain power, like the full 100% not our regular tiny 10%. It opened in the States last night, and looks like one hell of a movie. The trailer above is the one minute short version, watch the one below for a longer one.

خير انشاءالله…. و انتوشدخلكم؟ هذا الي قاصر بعد

From Al-Jareeda Newspaper

Japan Was Warned About Nuclear Earthquake Danger

Wikileak documents revealed that Japan was warned, more than two years ago, that its nuclear plants aren’t capable of withstanding strong earthquakes.

This means it knew that Fukushima Nuclear power plant wouldn’t able to stand safe if hit by a huge quake. Considering the frequency of quakes in Japan, many of which are quite strong, this sounds like a huge negligence by the Japanese government.

You can read the Telegraph for full details.