I’m looking for a new phone

I’m looking for a new phone, and was thinking of either an iPhone or an android one. The new super amdroid ones are sony Ericsson arc, samsung galaxy s2, and moto-atrix.

Problem with the iPhone is it’s halfway through it’s life, so it would be better to wait for iPhone 5. Other problem is I can’t wait till then.

Third problem is both the sony and moto are not released yet, while the galaxys2 is coming to kuwait in a few days (and it will be using gingerbread os, whatever that means).

So there you have it, I’m desperately looking for recommendations. Oh, and btw, I’m not considering nokia. They say symbian os might be cancelled in total.

Do you have any recommendations for me?

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15 Responses to I’m looking for a new phone

  1. babble says:

    I’d wait for the iphone 5 and if u can’t, get the iphone 4. I hate apple but it’s your only option out of this bunch.

    • buzfairy says:

      I can’t wait, but iphone reception for calls has always been very bad. So I’m a little reluctant to get it, coz it’ll have my main number, therefore it shud work perfectly 😦
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  2. 3ateeja says:

    if u cant wait about one or two months then go with galaxy ! but i’m telling u iphone is the best don’t compare it with the old one it’s totally different , & as babble said if u can’t wait for iphone5 then get iphone4

    • buzfairy says:

      Madri walah… I don’t like that the galaxy s2 is priced at the same level as the iphone… and ppl wud still think i got the galaxy coz it’s a cheaper iphone.

      Abt the waiting, i don’t think think the iphone will come out before august anyways, so yeah, that is too long to wait.

  3. Hudzy says:

    iPhone iPhone iPhone…..il iPhone in my eyes is the best…iPhone 5 is not gonna have much diffrencess then the 4 maybe a little slimmer but that’s not that’s important so….ansakoom bil iPhone 4 it rocks lol =p

  4. noon says:

    get the sony ericsson!! hands down! i have a motorola powered by android and android rocks!, and i also have a blackberry which im thinking that i should get rid of and get me a sony Ericsson instead, ive posted about the arc once, waiting for it

    • buzfairy says:

      Ok, ur the only one here who has experienced android. Now since u also have a bb, let me ask u this:

      Is the android nice and easy to use? Do u think the samsung is as good as the sony ericsson or moto?

  5. noon says:

    i havent tried samsung, i have the motorola milestone, its touch and has a keyboard too! which is perfect! and a 5mp camera


    theres a newer version u can check it out too

  6. noon says:

    bas inshalaah im definitely getting a sony ericsson

  7. noon says:

    7addah gawee!! wala go for android, u will love it ! 6b3an either motorola or sony ericsson , i used to always own a sony ericsson , never anything else b3den i got addicted to blackberry now going back to sony ericsson 😀

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