Traffic Jam

A broken car has stopped traffic on the 1st Ring Rd for more than hour. Totally unacceptable, and totally unlucky that it got stuck on the narrow single lane section of all places.

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Total Silliness

My Favorite Cupcake from the Past

Hostess cupcakes are the most amazing chocolate fudge cream filled cupcakes out there, especially if you eat them frozen cold. Sultan Center used to sell them pre-invasion, but not anymore.

I now get them from either my Saudi friends cause they still sell them in SA, or from my American friends cause they’re sold in the army base’s supermarkets. The cupcakes have a very short expiry period of like 10 days, that’s why I always freeze them immediately so they won’t spoil.

I don’t like dessert much, and these cupcakes are a rare exception. Maybe I like them for some nostalgic childhood memory, maybe it’s they’re the best ready-made cupcakes out there. No one makes pre-packaged cupcakes this good, let alone covered with rich fudge and filled with sweet cream.

Kuwait’s Opera House

Last year, it was announced that Kuwait was planning on establishing an Opera house, with a an area of 50,000 sq meters. Today’s papers have finally given us the location of this beacon of music, which will be called Sh. Jaber Al-Ahmad complex.

It’s going to be on Gulf Road, between Al-Salam Palace and Flag Sq. (Sa7at Al-A3alam).

I don’t know if this location is ideal, in terms of traffic and more importantly from a scenery and architecture point of view. I feel it should be located in a strategic place, like that of the Sydney Opera House, where people from far away can see and appreciate it.

However, I love Al-Salam Palace, and hate how it’s all ruined now. Maybe having the Opera House beside it will make the government finally remodel and renovate this beautiful palace.

I couldn’t find any drawings of the new Opera House, so I used pictures of beautiful Kuwaiti buildings instead. I chose one from our past (Salam Palace) and one newer (Majlis Al-Omma).

And I also found this cool site that has lots of old Kuwaiti pictures. Browse through SkyScraperCity if you like to see more of Kuwait’s beautiful 50’s & 60’s architecture.

Pic credits: Salam Palace pic is from Skyscrapercity. The National Assembly pic is from Atif Peshimam,

Zain’s Cute Mothers Day Ad

صج محد يحل مكان الأم و الدنيا من دونها ماتسوى

Happy Mothers Day