Genius Pizza Making

I feel sorry for the cook, I won’t want to be the one to clean that oven.

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Shooting Range Mishaps

Has this ever happened to you? Have you tried Kuwait’s shooting complex beside the Equestrian club? Do you like firing guns?

So many questions, and you don’t have to answer a single one. Just watch the video and laugh as hard as you want. We’ve all been in those funny painful situations before.

Checkout the Magic 3abaya

One Legged Wrestler Wins Major Competition

Anthony Rubles, from Arizona State University, has one the 125 lbs NCAA Wrestling championship. That’s the American national college championship, like one of the most important amateur tittles in the States,  beating all other healthy athletes from all 50 states for the title.

Reading stories like this makes me feel sorry for the handicapped people in Kuwait and how they’re being treated by society.

Just look at people who park in handicapped parking spots. They do it without any sense or feeling of guilt or shame. Shame on them I say.

If we don’t even respect their need for close parking spots, how are they expected to excel and prosper? 7aram walah. Read Robles’ story for some amazing inspiration.

American Fighter Jet Crashes in Libya

  • An American fighter jet crashed in Libya, near Bengazi.
  • It had two crew members, who successfully ejected from the plane via parachute.
  • One member has been recovered already, while a rescue underway to get the other.
  • Both crew members are ok with only been injured slightly.
  • The plane was not shut down by Libyan forces.
  • Technical and mechanical mishaps might be behind the crash.

Check the Telegraph for more details.

Evian Water Babies

I know this Evian commercial is old, but with 37 Million views, it’s still good to watch again.

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