Zanga Meal?

I know Al-Qaddafi is funny in a crazy way, but his actions are very deadly and dangerous. That’s why I find this ad shway disturbing and disgusting.

Ok, I admit, I did post similar stuff (wakeup call wedding invitation), but that was way before Al-Qaddafi started bombing his people. Now, I just find it wrong.


4 Responses to Zanga Meal?

  1. Nivine says:

    some ppl dnt think, they assume that since “zanga” became a joke, that actually this would be a powerful marketing tool. And that this would increase their sales, no consideration of any other political/human aspects whatsoever…believe me, this guy thinks Ina 6ali3 feeha ….:(

  2. I agree with you, I find it wrong and disgusting actually. People are dying, living in fear, and what do we do? Make fa6ayer.

    • buzfairy says:

      I too found it wrong and disgusting…. What’s going on in Libya right now is not a joke… Maybe in the beginning it was of a lighter mood, but only because Qaddafi hadn’t started killing his people then… Now, it’s shameful to make fun.

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