People Would Love This


Apple’s iPhone 5 Might Be Coming Soon?

AboFlan seems to think so.

He says that Apple needs to announce and release the iPhone 5 soon, like during 2011. That’s because iPhones will face a huge competition this year from Android based phones, especially the Samsung Galaxy S2 (I personally am very impressed with this latter phone).

You can read more over at AboFlan’s blog.

My First Ever Buddy on Twitter

I still remember it, like it was just last week. It was the lovely Basma from the yummy 13cups blog. She added me after I tweeted that I don’t have any followers yet, I thought that was very sweet of her.

Then Life and work got busy, and me and 13cups don’t seem to catch up a lot these days. 7asafa. But anyways, I just wanted to send Basma a big thank you for being friendly and nice.

Want to know who your first follower was? Then click here. Thx Kaifan5 for the lovely tip.

I Don’t Know Who to Believe

EU Naval Forces reported the hijacking of a Kuwaiti oil tanker by pirates this morning. However, Kuwaiti oil officials have denied this. Who do we believe now?

Update: Reuters have also reported the hijacking. Thanks SS for the link.

A Kuwaiti Oil Tanker Has Been Hijacked

A Kuwaiti oil tanker was hijacked today by Somali pirates, off the coast of Oman. The tanker had a crew of 27 and was on its way from Sudan to Singapore.  No word on whether the tanker was full of oil or not.

Source: EU Naval Forces in Somalia.

Cars Running Away from Friday’s Sandstorm

I think this would be the first time, since the invasion, that cars drove in the wrong way, and it was very clever of people to run away like that.

Watch the video to the end, it’ll take you on a journey into the middle of the sandstorm. I want to warn you, it’s a little scary.