Top Management Salaries in Kuwaiti Banks

This table is very interesting. It’s the first time ever that banks disclose how much they pay their top management, in salaries, stock options, and other indemnities.

  • It shows NBK and KFH paying more than KD 10 Million, each, in compensation to their top managers.
  • NBK people deserve every penny, they’ve been working hard since the financial crises and their efforts show in NBK’s profits and share price.
  • KFH people, on the other hand, don’t deserve this at all. KFH’s profits have dropped significantly, and the share price has gone down by more than 70% in the past couple of years. I don’t see how they could justify getting this money.
  • Bobyan is quite funny, having the biggest payout-to-profits percentage of all banks, at 20%. That means nearly 1 in every 5 workers work just to pay the top management. Its like forget the shareholders.
  • Commercial Bank’s payout of just Kd 1 million makes me feel sad for the managers over there. This hardly seems fair, considering CBK’s big size and adequate performance.

Like I said, this is one interesting table.


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