Is Another Storm Headed Here Again?

According to AccuWeather (free iPad and iPod app), we’re going to have gail winds of over 70 km\hour on Monday.

In addition, a lot of news services began reporting that the M.O.Interior issued storm warnings for a 2 day storm that might start tomorrow.

So be careful when going out tomorrow, and try to have water and masks with you in your cars, just in case a duststorm does come our way.

Allah ey7afethna inshalla.

Thx Nivine for the AccuWeather App recommendation.

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3 Responses to Is Another Storm Headed Here Again?

  1. in-love-with-laguna says:

    انا استخدم نفس البرنامج 🙂
    و اليوم لما قريت الجرايد عن اخبار السرايات رحت اجيك بالبرنامج و حتى قلت للخدم لا تغسلون السطح و لا شي !

    • buzfairy says:

      E7na 3ayal ga3dna bil7adeeqa… 7ar mout elsara7a… Layana hawa wala me6ar wala shay.

      Naqe6at katha neg6a, gumna ga3adna ta7t elsheyar… Then it stopped 😦

      Bs still, athen we have to be careful monday… Ya3ni lasam7 allah

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