Thank You So Much My Beautiful Friends

Check out the nick name, allah allah.

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Birthday Present #4

I still haven’t opened the present, but I’m sure it’s lovely.

Update: I got two presents, not one, from Cartier 😀

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Birthday Surprise

I got a pleasant surprise for my birthday, though it wasn’t intentional.

I made it to the #1 spot on the top post on WordPress’s Blogs of the day list. That’s WORLDWIDE, beating every other blog on earth.

This is pretty major. My blog was the top one for the day of April 2nd, 2011.

No matter how you slice it, it is still awesome.

No wonder I’m super excited about my birthday this year.

I’m telling everyone, today is going to be a great start for a brand new decade. And it looks like I’m right on track for that.

Birthday Wish #2

Summer is almost here, and I would love to have this Rolex before swim season kicks in. This 50th Anniversary (that came out last year) Rolex Submariner in Steel and Green is one nice water resistant watch.

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Birthday Wish #1

Preferably in a 27″ 2.8 GHz model.

Viva Apple & Mac… Always.

Birthday Present #3

This compliments my traveling luggage perfectly… That’s why I’m both super thankful and grateful to the friend who got me this gift …. Love you loads xoxo.

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Birthday Present #2

Works both as a Shoulder bag as well as a cross bag. But the bag I got was a little bigger than the one in this picture.

Birthday Present #1

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These were digital camera accessories that I really wanted and would love to have as a present for my birthday.

Thanks is definitely due to his&hersq8 for the excellent photojojo recommendations… Even though I still haven’t received my order, more than 2 weeks late, I may add.