The Wind Has Started To Pick Up

Be careful, the winds is getting stronger, and the dust started to blow stronger too.

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Zain’s Failed Ad

Not OK at all.

I believe companies have a social duty towards elevating public standards and leading people towards the right way to behave, thereby adding class and knowledge to peoples lives.

Using low class, physical violence, or rude social behavior in marketing is a fail in my book.

Any physical abuse, slapping or otherwise, is not funny at all. It unconsciously makes people belittle this agreesion act, and treat it as a normal and natural way of expressing emotion.

I would love to see Zain drop this ad from its marketing campaigns.

To view the whole ad, check page #3 of Al-Qabas

Riots between Zamalek & Tunisian African in Football Match الزمالك و الافريقي التونسي

This is a clear video of the match’s last minutes. Start watching from min 2:30 & 4:30

This is a shorter video but it focuses on the riots that took place in the football field.

Al-Jareeda has a nice summary of the match’s events.

A Big Thank You to My Dear Friend BabbleQ8

My dear friend and fellow blogger, BabbleQ8, posted a special greeting in her blog congratulating me on my birthday.

I could not have been any happier when I saw her post. It is truly heart warming and touching to be surprised with such a beautiful thing, completely out of the blue.

As someone whom is in love with their birthday and the many ways to celebrate it, this special post of hers will stay in my mind and heart for a long time to come.

Thank you BabbleQ8…. You truly are a dear friend xoxoxo.

Thank you Dream GirlX!/dream_girlx/status/54614208578465793

Thank you so much Dream GirlX for the lovely shout out.

I was very happy withe my worldwide #1 post yesterday, so thank you so much for sharing my happiness.