Good Work Zain: Before & After

The "After" Ad in today's paper

The "Before" Ad in yesterday's paper

If you remember yesterday, Zain ran an ad that most of us thought was offensive. It bordered on making fun of physical abuse and beatings. Almost all of the comments I got thought so too.

The ad went a long way, it made it all the way to the GCC, where BanatZayed posted about it. That’s really embarrassing to Kuwait, and Zain should’ve thought of the consequences before running such an negative ad.

Anyways, I guess the people over at Zain were listening to us. Coz they ran the exact same ad in today’s paper, but changed the nasty words into neutral non-offemsive ones. The result was pretty and nice.

I had said “I would love to see Zain drop this ad from its marketing campaigns”. I’m happy to see them try to fix unintentional mistakes.

Great Job Zain.

To view the whole ad, check page #3 of Al-Qabas.


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