Looking for Good Khaleeji Songs

I’m looking for some good new Khaleeji songs; preferably by Rashed, Majeed, 3bdo, and Al-Jasmi. Anyone has any recommendations?

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Justin Bieber Trains with Barcelona FC

Justin Bieber tried kicking a few balls with Barcelona FC Football Academy a few days ago. And he’s not half bad to tell you the truth, he sure got some strong kicks in.

Protect Your BlackBerry Remotely

Now you can protect your BlackBerry device remotely in case you lose it or it gets stolen. You can locate your BlackBerry phone, lock its data, and even backup some of its data with this new service. I found the icon right on my home menu, but you can download it for free from BB World App Store.

Guran Left Standing in Kuwait Football League Finale

Guran is the coach of Kuwait National football team.  الخبر مأخوذ من القبس

Learn How to Cook Italian with Carluccio’s

Just found out about Carluccio’s cooking tutorial session from Kuweight64.

The session will take place on April 16th, i.e. this Saturday, and will include breakfast at 9.30 followed by a cooking demonstration of three Italian dishes, at the cost of KD 15 per person, which is a steal in my opinion. Kuweight64 explains it better:

Dishes Chef Giulio Bringola would demonstrate how to make :
  1. Sicilian Caponata
  2. Panzero alla puglise
  3. Pizza di patata
It’s K.D. 15/- per person to attend the cookery demo on Saturday 16th April,which includes breakfast at 9.30 a.m, followed by cookery class at 10 am., and you shall be given a take away bag with all the ingredients to prepare the dishes by yourself as well as the recipe. Do book in advance to reserve your place to attend the cookery demonstration.
Contact : 60906372 (Mr. Sumesh, Restaurant Manager, Carluccio’s Restaurant) for more details or 22597310

Top Ten Songs of March

These are the Top Ten songs for March 2011.

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