Al-Janadriya Festival 2011 اوبريت فرحة وطن بافتتاح مهرجان الجنادرية

احم احم يالسعوديين، المهندس قبل الماجد؟ كأنه يبيلكم عرج كويتي يعدلكم هالسالفة العوية

This is the whole video of Al-Janadriya Festival opening, it’s more than an hour long. King Abdullah did not attend, on account of his sister’s death yesterday.

The opening was sang by many beautiful musicians like Mohammad 3bdo, 3bdl Majeed 3bdulla, Rashed Al-Majed, Yara, Al-Mohandes, and many more.


Mood of the Day (and Night)

Don’t you hate when this happens? When life hits you with an unexpected curveball?

What’s wrong with living life without drama and crises?

It sure is nicer that way.

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Shakira Gets Robbed by a Fan

Some fan robbed Shakira while she was performing in a concert in Mexico. The fan stole a large ring, right off Shakira’s finger. Just like that.