Engines Expo at the Scientific center

The Expo is on for three days, from Thursday the 21st till Saturday the 23rd. It looks very interesting, and worthy of your visit. And they’ve got a DJ to entertain you too.

This is from their Facebook  page, you can also follow them on twitter here:

This Spring’s Main Event at Scientific Center’s Center Parking
Introducing “Engines Expo” a one-of-a-kind expo hosting top-notch Kuwaiti businesses that have a respectable reputation and are popular and on demand in the Kuwaiti market. Businesses will pop their trunks and showcase you the best items they offer.Location: Center Parking (Shaded)
Date: April 21, 22, and 23 of 2011
Timings: 4 pm -10 pm
Theme: “Car Booths”Follow us on Twitter : @Engines_Expo
Email us on : engines.expo@gmail.com
-for reservations and further information.
Call us on: 60333406
Book your parking space quick !!! Limited spaces available.

Thanks Nour for the info xoxo.


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