Has Anyone Lost a Dog Recently?

On my way back from the movie last night, around 1.30 in the morning, I saw a brown dog running across the 2nd ring road, from Faiha and into Da7ya.

He was brown and hairy, with short legs and a long body. I tried to look for him for more than 10 minutes, but by the time the traffic light turned green; I had already lost track of him.

I hope this would help the person who lost him. At least you know that your dog is in Da7ya, and is in a healthy condition. Good luck looking for him\her inshalla.


9 Responses to Has Anyone Lost a Dog Recently?

  1. Nivine says:

    yes a girl sent a tweet to Frankom two days back and she posted a pic of her dog. it seems to hv same description !

  2. Nivine says:

    ohh really you know thé girl looool good for her!! haram!!

  3. Nivine says:


  4. in-love-with-laguna says:

    ما تخافين من الكلاب واااااي انا امووووت من الخوف
    اذا كنا مسافرين خاصة اوروبا و امريكا عاد هذي جنة الكلاب
    تلاقيني متوترة اذا شفت كلب مجبل من بعيد مع راعيه و ياي صوبي و كل ما قرب اخاف اكثر عاد انتي تعرفين الكلاب يشمون ريحة الخوف وااااااي و إلله يلف فجأة صوبي!!!! يمه و وايد اتصير لي

    قمت احاول ابرمج روحي اذا مر صوبي اسوي و اقنع روحي اني مو خايفة لوووووول بس هم ابن الذين يلف صوبي

    اخر حل لي اذا شفت الكلب قمت اعبر السايد و اغير اتجاهي ههههه

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