Cute Baby Posters, Kuwaiti Style

Oleana Boutique are selling these cute baby Kuwaiti posters for your kids’ rooms. Check what’s written on them, how adorbs is that?

The posters come in different styles and colors; like 5aroof emsalsal, 6eg ya mo6ar 6eg, and yam a7mad. The posters are A2 in size.


7 Responses to Cute Baby Posters, Kuwaiti Style

  1. oleana says:

    We wanted to bring back some traditions in to our kids rooms and what better way than with games and rhymes we used to sing as kids. We hope to expand the collection soon with fun, catchy Kuwaiti phrases.
    Thank you so much for your support 🙂

  2. Nivine says:

    sooo adorable its very nice!!

  3. soull says:


  4. faith says:

    Om a7mad is my favourite song …I like it so much because as a child it made me think and anticipate …like what’s gonna happen next..good job, but I think 15 kd is quite a lot…

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