The Perfect Egg Bacon Tomato Panini

This is the Baking Tray’s EBT sandwich. I can’t tell you enough how yummy it is, and I strongly recommend you have it for breakfast.

And while you’re there, also try their home made soda. It’s extremly light and refreshing.

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12 Responses to The Perfect Egg Bacon Tomato Panini

  1. Nivine says:

    yummie Will try it next time

  2. virgo says:

    Eee Baking Tray rocks I love it :*

  3. in-love-with-laguna says:

    وين فيه مكانه
    عاد يوعانه ههههه مو متعشيه امس

    • buzfairy says:

      It’s in Kuwait City, gbl dowwar dasman, almost opposite saso, if u know where saso is 🙂

      I highly recommend you go there, their sandwiches are very good, and very different from most places in Kuwait.

  4. LadyB says:

    I love their fooooood!

  5. noon says:

    i love the baking tray, they have the best cookies ! i just had 10 !!

    • buzfairy says:

      I haven’t tried their cookies yet…. For me, the best used to be Fuds cookies, super delicious… But that was a while back. Nowadays, it seems I can never get them fresh there anymore.

  6. D@Victus says:

    Bon Appétit! 🙂 Thank you for your post!

    Baking Tray ☎ 22251544

    Baking Tray is located in:
    Mishal Tower, Jaber Al-Mubarak St., Dasman, Sharq
    For our location map:

    For our latest news and updates, follow us on twitter: @VictusFood

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