Happy Easter Everyone

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My Kind of Mo7ajaba هذا الحجاب والا بلاش

Hats off to this Mo7ajaba bride. She’s got some mighty great moves, w damha 5afeef. Check out what she does to her vain self-centered groom during the “It’s Raining Men” segment.

Taken from New Vision’s Blog.

Happy 16th Birthday Moe

Today is the Happy 16th Birthday of one of my dear young readers.

I know Moe is a big fan of Man United, and so I found him this lovely Man United cake.

Hope you have a great day, and make sure you enjoy every minute of it xoxo

Kuwait Pro-Karting

I want to go go-karting, at the new track on 6th ring road. I asked a few people where it was exactly, and no one knew. They all said it was opposite the 360°. Well, it turns out it is opposite the 360°, but from another side, not on Sahara and the shooting range side.

Check out their site for further details.