This Gets on My Nerves

I might be a little obsessive compulsive, but this kind of wrong opening really gets on my nerves. Just imagine white chalk on an old blackboard, how annoying that scratch is… That’s me with this upside down opening!

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My Experience with the Wireless Memory Card


A while back, like in October, I bought myself a 4GB wireless memory card for my camera. I got it from eXcite for KD 22, but never got around to using it till today.

I opened it up today, installed it on my laptop, and experimented a bit with it:

  • First thing you have to do is connect the memory card, via the enclosed card reader, to your laptop for initial setup.
  • Then you add a wireless network, which will be used to wirelessly transfer your photos from the camera to the laptop.
  • I had to update the card’s software, because the one that came with it back in October was now outdated.
  • You chose where you want to save the pictures. You can either pick iPhoto or in separate folders.
The rest is super easy. I took the card out of its reader, put it in my camera, and started shooting. As long as the Eye-Fi software is open on your computer, the picture transfer is instantaneous. After using the card for a while today, I couldn’t really see any major advantages to it. However, I think the card is good in the following situations:
  • If you don’t want to carry your card reader around all the time. With this wireless card, all you need is your laptop and wireless network to transfer pictures.
  • If you want to quickly add pictures, especially if all you want are the new ones you just took.

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