Prince Charles Breakdancing

Is this really Prince Charles?

He looks quite humble and down to earth.


3 Responses to Prince Charles Breakdancing

  1. Nivine says:

    madri laish yakssir kha6ri Prince Charles 😦

    • buzfairy says:

      Coz he’s really a good, decent, well cultured man; who has tremendous respect for Islam.

      Ykser el5a6er coz ppl go for looks, not substance. He is not a handsome man, and that ugliness turns ppl off of him 😦

  2. Nivine says:

    yes i like how u put it, you r very right! haram Prince Charles but also i guess the story with Diana and hw they were both unhappy togethr and hw she died makes him yakssir kha6ri !

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