I Take My Hat Off to Al-Qabas والله و سويتوها يا قبس، انتوا على راسي من فوق

I had posted before about Al-Qabas’ bold publishing.

You can check my previous posts herehere, here, here, here, here, and here.

But with this picture, I can honestly say: Hats Off to Al-Qabas. Way to go throwing out bigotry and close-mindedness out the door. Way to go Ya Qabas.

Check out the pic on Al-Qabas’ page 13 today.


7 Responses to I Take My Hat Off to Al-Qabas والله و سويتوها يا قبس، انتوا على راسي من فوق

  1. 7amood says:

    3la rasich 3shan 7a6aw 9oret thnayn ga3deen yitbawusoon? Is it that easy to get on your good side?! Ma3indich salfa!

  2. Ma6foog says:

    you wear a hat???
    so what did you think of the wedding mainly whats the cons and foes of it..??

    most ppl are fired up coz the brides maid kate’s sister wore white dress and thats against there wedding law i guess .. but well some ppl *cough* drool specially on Twitter on Kate’s sister lol

    • buzfairy says:

      No i don’t, but it’s a saying when u respect someone a lot, or when they do something that u liked.

      The wedding was boring, ana hagait bnshof 7afla w moseeqa w rags… But no, 7ata elgada mashefnah.

  3. Nivine says:

    Come on its just a royal kiss, one has to b really sick to get offended by such a sight…no erotism involved here whatsoeverrr :/

    • buzfairy says:

      Oh you’ll be surprised at the number of ppl who are hating this pic…. And like you said, it’s a kiss between a royal couple, whom just got married in front of billions of ppl. No reason to be erotic or anything like that.

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