iPad2 Prices in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Mac just posted their prices for the iPad2 in Saudi Arabia. The prices look very reasonable, and very comparable to Apple’s in the States.

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Pic of Alaa’a Mubarak in Jail صورة علاء مبارك في سجن طرة



Happy Labor Day

It’s the first of May, and it’s officially Labor Day. Celebrate with Google’s doodle of this important workforce day.

Get the Top New Singles for just ¢69 at Amazon

Yesterday afternoon, while browsing amazon trying to find a Hollister gift card of all things, I stumbled on this amazing top singles prices.

You have to check this out. Over at amazon, you can get all the top hits, chart toppers, for just ¢69 a song. That’s a savings of almost 50% over iTunes of $1.29, quite a saving to tell you the truth.

Also, don’t forget to check out amazon’s cloud for internet media storage plus amazon’s free album section.