Fox News Fails Big Time

Fox News’ anchor  couldn’t tell the difference between President Obama and Osama Bin Laden. Watch how he blunders the death of “President Obama” instead of “Osama”.


Obama’s Speech on the Death of Bin Laden

Here is a short version of the speech President Obama’s, in which he announces the death of Terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

I really liked what President Obama said about Islam, starting from 2:30. It’s very good of him to remind Americans that the US is not at war with Islam, nor is Bin Laden an Islamic leader.

Cinderella & Her Wicked Sisters

This was too funny not to post. I do however feel guilty at laughing at the royal sisters, they seem to be nice and sweet. So just remember, it’s the costumes I’m laughing at.

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Obama Makes Fun of Donald Trump

President Obama takes a funny stab at Donald Trump, which I think is within Obama’s right after what the Donald did last week.

Donald Trump had accused President Obama of not being an American, and demanded that he make his birth certificate public, which Obama did a few days ago.