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Remember that life is still cute.

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Geezy in the USA امريكي يحتفل بطريقته الخاصة بموت بن لادن

Jazeera Airways Starts Flying to Cairo

Jazeera Airways will start flying to Cairo, starting May 18.

Daily Flights
40 Kilos in weight
Free meal onboard

Why did the USA Burry Bin Laden at Sea?

Al-Qabas, page1

Sea burial is not a common practice at all in Islam. That might have been done that in the old ages, when fridges and freezers weren’t available to preserve the daed body, and the rotting of the corpse was inevitable. But these days, sea burial makes no sense. Something is wrong with this US scenario.

I’m not into western conspiracy theories; but even I am having problems with the credibility of this seas burial. Especially when it was done so soon after the raid is pretty suspicious.

Videos of Osama Bin Laden’s Compound

Why isn’t President Obama Sitting at the Head of the Table?

I almost didn’t recognize him sitting there. He’s the president after all. I don’t think that the guy sitting at the head, who looks like a Joint Chief of Staff or something equally scary, is more important than the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

But it shows you, when you IT, it don’t really matter where you sit.

Bs law eli 3endinna eyta3ilmoon…. W yfhomoon, respect comes from within, mo men el7arakat eli 5obri 5oberkum.