Why did the USA Burry Bin Laden at Sea?

Al-Qabas, page1

Sea burial is not a common practice at all in Islam. That might have been done that in the old ages, when fridges and freezers weren’t available to preserve the daed body, and the rotting of the corpse was inevitable. But these days, sea burial makes no sense. Something is wrong with this US scenario.

I’m not into western conspiracy theories; but even I am having problems with the credibility of this seas burial. Especially when it was done so soon after the raid is pretty suspicious.


36 Responses to Why did the USA Burry Bin Laden at Sea?

  1. MataHari says:

    Because by burying him under the ground that would implicate he is a martyr which he isn’t

    • buzfairy says:

      Probably…. But it’ll also give the people who think he single handidly made the whole world hate Islam.

    • Babble says:

      Oh come on! It’s NOTHING to do with Islam/him/marytrs/shrines. It’s a complete cover up by the US Government. It either wasn’t him they GUNNED DOWN in cold blood or it was and they don’t want the world to see how it wasn’t a single bullet to the head.

      • buzfairy says:

        The thought that it wasn’t him never crossed my mind… But u cud be right, in that he has was shot multiple times… Seeing that he went down peacefully, without a weapon or resistance; it wud be hard for the US to justify such a killing to its people.

        Just a thought… But now, we will never know.

  2. MataHari says:

    Because by burying him under ground that would imply he is a martyr which he isn’t. Also, as soon he was killed they had him taken outside of the house to show his identity and by DNA testing, there was a 99% match.

    • buzfairy says:

      I’ve always been on the side of the USA when it came to ridiculous conspiracy theories…. But even I, I’m having peoblems understanding the quick sea burial 😦

  3. in-love-with-laguna says:

    شخصيا مع اظن قطوه بالبحر اصلا ! شي ما يدخل العقل
    عاد لقيتي هالامريكان هالأبالسه
    تلقينهم دافنينه بمكان

  4. Nivine says:

    MataHari with all due respect, regardless of martyrdom or anything else, sea burrial isn’t an accepted practice in this part of the world.. from one Hand Obama announced Muslims are not accused in all this terrorism and at the same time he consents for disposal of body at sea. for ppl who regard him as Martyr, i think he is more now especially after the way US Gvnt has dealt with this

    • MataHari says:

      By disposing his body at sea that shows the lack of respect they have for him
      They’re not going to bury him like every good man
      He’s killed thousands of innocent citizens and created the worst stereotypes for Muslims and I dont think he should buried like every muslim because he isn’t a Muslim

      • buzfairy says:

        Hello? Paging saddam hussain?

        What do u think saddam did? Kill kittens?

        We all know Bin laden is a monster, no doubt about that.

        But burying him this fast? And throwing the corpse overboard is very suspicious behavior.

    • buzfairy says:

      My point exactly. Bin laden gained more supporters for this bad move alone. Plus, the fast burial and at sea makes the US look like it’s hiding something.

      • MataHari says:

        What do you suggest we do with his corpse? Have it shipped to the US and hang his body like a Mexican Pinata?!! He’s dead. They’re not going to bury him because all of his jihad friends are going to visit his grave as if he’s a martyr. Not everyone hates him and are logical as you would like to think.

        As for Saddam he was hung and executed, so same shtick!

        They have done DNA testing like I said there is a 99% match and the photos of his killing is waited to be released to the public since they’re too ghastly but one way or another will leak.

        What more evidence do you need?!

      • buzfairy says:

        There are many countries that wud accept his corpse, like Sudan and Yemen for example.

        Plus, the DNA was done by the US, it can hardly be taken as irrefutable or unbiased. Why wasn’t the UN in on this? or Pakistan? Or even Bin Laden’s family?

      • MataHari says:

        Listen we can go back and forth but the truth always comes out so we’ll just have to have faith and wait and see

      • buzfairy says:

        I guess we will then 🙂

  5. Nivine says:

    tara i7na mou hnoud bdha3arna dihin walla!

  6. noon says:

    personally i dont think they just killed him, this is all for media, i think either bin laden was dead like long time ago or he is still out there hiding and the pictures we’ve all seen, their just been played with

    +1 for obama, that would definitely make him win the elections to stay the president for a longer time

    • buzfairy says:

      Inshallah they did kill him…. But madri, hal3yila feeha shay.

      It’s like they caught him, but didn’t kill him, and might be keeping for interrogation?

  7. Nivine says:

    Noon agree with u, after all Obama needs to show congress and senate that mission is accomplished and that 600 billion allocated as military budget over past years were justifiable after all!!!!!

  8. better_than_you says:

    I dont know of a single major event in history that is accepted at its face value, and not affected by alternative ( conspiracy ) theories, including 9/11, pearl harbor, death of hitler, saddam, tupac =p, biggie=b, micheal jackson, princess diana, JFK now bin laden. There will never be an end to theories as they are only limited by human imagination. Its up to you to decide what you believe based on evidence, some wont even consider evidence and are stuck to their belief, thats cool too. I say relax and enjoy the weather.

  9. a says:

    why buried in the sea? they didn’t want his grave to be a shrine.

    • buzfairy says:

      Only idiots will take his grave as a shrine. What we’re asking here is why the quick burial, and at sea? It’s so unorthodox to say the least.

  10. SLAYTAR says:

    BIN LADEN sounds like an imaginary person.

  11. Jas says:

    They didn’t want to bury him bc they wanted to avoid people making a shrine for him. They don’t want people to celebrate him as a ‘hero’ or even a ‘martyr.’

    • buzfairy says:

      They could’ve shown his corpse, made people confirm it was him before throwing him overboard like that.

      Doing that deprives everyone from ever doing a DNA check on him… The martyr thing unreal, coz the majority of people hate him. And the few who would see him as a martyr r often extreme, stupid, and too aggressive to be liked by the majority.

  12. Babble says:

    LOL Buzfairy, some people here are so naive. If the American Government were to stand up and say say, ‘we’ve just found out the world is infact a square, they’d believe it’…
    The corrupt US Government carried out the DNA Testing…the corrupt US Government first say he was shot in the eye and now are saying the head..then dumped him in the sea at 2am?
    HAHAHAHA ……………………………………………….. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever.

  13. Babble says:

    Osama Bin Laden – unscramble the letters……………

  14. Babble says:

    Sorry buz, not stealing your readers but they should see this: http://babbleq8.com/2011/05/anagram-of-osama-bin-laden-coincidence/

  15. Nivine says:

    Babble you have said it so rightly!

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