These Were the Things Customs Overcharged Me With


Update: I solved my problem with DHL.

These were the camera accessories I had ordered via DHL, and customs clearance overcharged me for. They are all basis, non-electronic, non-electric stuff. The only technological thing in my order was the RAM memory ticks, the tiny ones which are still in their plastic bags.

I added my camera and Blackberry to the 2nd shot, to show you how small the items are, and to show you how basic my camera is. It’s not a DSLR one or some other fancy kind, which would obviously have much more advanced accessories than my sorry lot here.

This was the invoice I found with the RAM sticks. I’m pretty sure anyone reading it assumed I was buying an actual laptop, and that I had somehow doctored the invoices to show a cheap price. As you can see, the bottom line does show my actual order, and actual price. Besides, couldn’t they see that there was no laptop in the box?

If this isn’t the reason for the over exaggerated custom clearance charge, then I do not accept the ridiculous amount I was forced to pay. If you check the previous post, you’ll see that someone had ordered a Macbook Pro, and shipped it using DHL too, and was charged exactly like me. That can’t be fair. How can a few things valued total at $120, and weight just 1.5 kilos cost custom charges equivalent to a $1,700, 6 kilo laptop?


Update on my DHL Problem


Update: I solved my problem with DHL.

This is an update on my previous post. I just found out that the blog, Cute Nemo, had ordered a Macbook pro last year, also shipped through DHL. Her custom charges were the exact same amount as mine, even though her order is much bugger, heavier, and a lot more expensive.

  • Her custom charges were KD 27.5, while mine were KD24.5.
  • Her order was a Macbook worth $1,730, while my order was just $121.
  • Her package weighed 13.7 pounds, while mine was just 3.5.
  • Customs valued her package at KD600, while valuing mine at only KD54
How can me and her get charged the same amount, with all these differences in our orders?
DHL: Maybe now you can understand why I’m angry. Why I feel that the charges were unjust.

I’m Extremely Unhappy with DHL

Update: Just found out, Cute Nemo had ordered a Macbook Pro last year, worth $1,700, but her custom charges were exactly the same as mine.

Update 2: Solved my problem with DHL.

I ordered a package from the States, and shipped it via DHL. It’s a few accessories for my digital camera, and RAM memory sticks for my laptop. The cost of everything I bought was just $120. i,.e. KD35 .

Now DHL wants me to pay fees of KD 25, i,.e. $87 just for processing customs. And that’s on top of the $60 DHL shipping I already paid in the States.

WTH? M.O. Commerce & Industry certificate? Why? Am I a company or a corporate entity and I don’t know?

Bayan, Avian fees, stamps, Global Clearing Customs, Customs…. These are just some of the fees I’m supposed to pay for?

I told the DHL delivery guy that I’m sure I’m not the only one in Kuwait who would complain about these fees. They are outrageous. I would accept them if I had bought a Laptop or some expensive electronics. Not a bottle screw on cap, a macro lens keychain, and a $30 RAM stick. Check the cheap stuff I bought here and here, and tell me are they worth clearing customs KD 25?

DHL should have used common sense, realized that custom charges don’t fit with the value of the packaged items, and called me to OK it first. I’m pretty sure that if I had gone to the Customs place my self, then they wouldn’t have charged me this way.

I repeat, I ain’t a company. These are not inventory items for re-sale. DHL should’ve called and warned me.

Happy 40th Birthday Mr. Men & Little Miss


I grew with these cheerful colorful characters. I used to have all kinds of t-shirts with their pictures on them. These three are some of my most favorite of all the characters. Mr. Men & Little Miss are celebrating their 40th birthday today, and Google has made several Google Doodle’s to celebrate the birthday. Have a look at some of them.

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